What is a Masters of Crime game?

Vendetta is a story-based, immersive mystery game. Similar to EXIT: The Game, Vendetta features challenging puzzles. However, instead of escaping from a room, players solve puzzles in the pursuit of solving a thrilling criminal mystery. In the process, players discover clues, evidence, and locations of various crimes.

Our games are ideal for cooperative team play, but they can also be played solo. What sets Masters of Crime games apart are the in-game choices that shape the direction of the story. Every time you play you’ll encounter a unique and distinct gaming experience. You become the main characters of your own personal, immersive investigation.

The authentic game components are reusable, giving players the opportunity to revisit the game again and again.

Vendetta is a collaborative mystery game where you work with your team to unravel a mystery. To accomplish this, you’ll use the Internet as well as the in-game materials provided. Sift through evidence and clues, follow different leads, solve puzzles, and determine the culprit.

In present-day New York, you’ll take on the role of a mafia family “capo” who has sworn revenge for the crimes committed against his family. Move through New York’s underworld and find the mole in your own ranks.

Can you figure out who did it?

What do I get?

An offer you can't refuse:

– A gripping criminal investigation where YOU shape the storyline!
– 12 envelopes with mysterious documents, puzzles, and clues
– 72 detailed illustrated playing cards
– A detective board used to track your suspects and keep track of the locations and clues.
– Various websites to visit and gather information, solve puzzles, and crack codes
– A seamless integration of fiction and reality — use familiar search engines, write emails, and listen to voicemails to gather all the necessary information.
– Experience the world of organized crime!
Which path will you choose? 

The mystery game - A perfect gift for mystery-solving enthusiasts!

Masters of Crime games are the perfect gift for anyone who loves solving puzzles, cracking cases, and tracing mysterious trails. Whether alone or in a group — our exciting cases will keep you on your toes unitl the very last minute. Whether playing solo or teaming up with up to four other players, you’ll encounter gripping crime scenes and, hopefully, confront the perpetrator!


Masters of Crime games are the perfect gift for anyone who loves solving puzzles and cracking cases. Whether alone or in a group, our exciting cases will keep you on your toes until the very last minute. ~

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Masters of Crime is an innovative crime board game where YOU shape the storyline!


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