Hints and help

If you reach a point in the game where you don’t know what to do, that’s okay!

First, look again at all the illustrations on the front of the revealed cards and review all the opened envelopes. They will help you solve puzzles, make important decisions, and uncover new locations. 

Next, see if you can find the phone icon. Use the provided web address to “call” the number. Additionally, the game will provide you with an email address that you can contact. 

If that doesn’t help, you can find clues for every envelope and card below!
Just click on the tab of the card or the envelope you want to get a hint for. The hints for the cards are divided into “help” and “solution” tabs.

Further down on this page, you can also find general hints regarding pivotal aspects of the game, such as motives and alibis. Reconstruct the night of the crime and learn the alibis of the suspects.

To find out how to best blackmail Larry, take a closer look at Marco’s apartment.

In Marco’s apartment, you will find a parish newsletter from St. Johns Cathedral. Inside is a note that contains Larry’s name. Maybe you can translate the cipher? If you have difficulties, go to “Envelope help -> Envelope 2” to get more details about the cipher.

Larry apparently committed a “hit and run with fatality” a few years ago. So you blackmail him with this traffic violation.

You have to choose one of the two doors. Look again at the location illustration on the front of the card to see if you spot anything interesting.

If you have questions about the messages on the answering machine, access the messages here:


Water leaks from under the left door to the bathroom, creating a puddle in the hallway. That’s odd, isn´t it? Maybe you should go check it out.

Listen to the answering machine message.


also take a look at the website https://goldfish-casino.com

You should collect more information about the priest. Maybe you will learn about the priest’s sins and wrongdoings from other sources.

Take a look at the illustrations of both the strip club and the casino. Father Tommaso can be seen in both illustrations. You wouldn’t expect a man of the cloth in such places. Unless he has a little problem…

Father Tommaso spoke of the confessions quite a bit today…

The “going to confession” is just a cover. Marco Russo did not go to the confessional once a week to ask for forgiveness of his sins. He met with Father Tommaso, who passed on the confessional secrets of the other faithful. Marco eventually used these secrets to blackmail his business partners.

The picture looks a lot like Salvatore Messina.

Who might be a relative of Isabella Messina (formally Lombardo), and who could have visited her grave?

Giorgina Lombardo, Isabella’s daughter, visited her mother’s grave.

In Marco’s apartment, you’ll find a menu from “Cucina Autentica.” Marco and his confidants have used the menu to organize secret meetings.

The four dishes ordered give a date and time. Look them up on the menu. In addition, the delivery order tells you who was invited to the meeting.

The meeting was held on March 12th at 6:30 PM.

You didn’t enter the casino to gamble away your money! Go get that info you wanted.

The Godfather does not trust his son. It would be wise to shed some light on Luca. But you also learned a lot about Giovanni from Father Tommaso. So, asking about his business is good.

Giovanni is a soldier in the mafia and you are a capo. Research the hierarchical structure of the mafia if these terms don’t mean anything to you.

You are clearly higher in the hierarchy than Giovanni. So you can calmly give Giovanni orders. He will have to obey your orders.

You finally got Giovanni DiStefano’s contact information. Was he at the Boogie Bungalow on the night of the crime?

The conversation between the two police officers and information from Google Maps should help you figure out where to find the injured person.

The only hospital in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Fort Greene is the “Brooklyn Hospital Center.” Enter the solution at https://masters-of-crime.com/en/vendetta-enter-code/

You can find this card at the crime scene, next to the body outline of Marco Russo. It must have fallen out of his pocket when he came under fire. Why is Marco carrying a business card from the Golden Rooster Hourly Hotel? You can find more information about it in his apartment.

If you have already been to Marco’s apartment, you can now visit the website on the business card. Envelope 4 will help you find the correct login information for the booking portal. Help for Envelope 4 can be found above under the tab “Help for Envelopes.”

Marco’s mistress has booked a room for the two of them for March 12, 2021, under the name “Persephone.”

Look at the crime scene again and try to reconstruct the course of events. Did Salvatore Messina behave suspiciously at the shoot-out?

At the scene, it can be seen that both mobsters were shot at by the police and only fired at the police. Salvatore was seriously injured. So he did not behave conspicuously. You don´t have to threaten him.

On Tonys locker is a note and it reads “Sub Rosa”. Maybe you can find out the meaning of this saying by using the internet. Have you read or heard this saying anywhere else in the game?

“Sub Rosa” literally means “under the rose” and figuratively means “under the seal of secrecy”. This saying is often used in confessionals. Father Tommaso’s confessional has this saying written on it as well.

The confessional says “1912” under the rose decorations. Faithful Tony has chosen this number as his password.

Birthdays are a very popular passwords. Maybe Ariana made it easy for herself?

Roberto Caruso has the birthday of his only beloved daughter tattooed on his arm. If you are unfamiliar with Roman numerals, feel free to Google the date.

Ariana’s birthday is March 6, 2000. Roberto has this date tattooed on his arm. Ariana made it easy for herself and chose 3600 as her password.

Use Google Maps to find out where Marco went yesterday. The messages from the New York Police Department will help you find a specific address in Brooklyn.

Because both the Coast Guard and the Ikea water shuttle play a role, you can tell that the meeting place is next to the water. The fact that the 1st and 72nd Police Departments are involved in the operation further narrows down the location. The meeting must have taken place somewhere in Red Hook. Look up on Google Maps where the Ikea shuttle goes and what location is across from a car lot. That’s where they must have met. You need a real address.

Wanted is this address:

499 Van Brunt St

Enter this address here.

The benefits of the community newsletter:

  1. You discover a new location with it. Uncover location D (cards 21- 24).
  2. You will learn Father Tommaso’s cell phone number.
  3. You can guess what Father Tommaso knows about the corrupted cop Larry Winder. This information will definitely help you when you meet him in the park.

Father Tommaso has sent Marco a secret message. To find out what he knows about Larry Winder, you have to crack the cipher. To do this, use the grid of letters. The letter above the encrypted letter is the one you are looking for.

Father Tommaso has found out about Larry Winder’s “hit-and-run with fatality”. This information can be useful in the park. To find out where Father Tommaso got this information, you should go to the church.

The menu gives you two important pieces of information.

  1. You can reveal a new location. Draw cards 33-36 to explore the new location G.
  2. Marco seems to have something planned with Giovanni and Luca. Can you figure something out from his order and the words “hour, minute, day, month”?

Marco and his confidants used the Cucina Autentica menu to set up secret appointments. The numbers of the ordered dishes give the exact meeting time in the pattern “hour, minute, day, month”.

Marco meets with Luca and Giovanni at 6:30 PM on 3/12. (March 12th) If you have already uncovered location G, you can enter the code here.

Since you found this letter in Marco’s apartment, you must assume that it was addressed to him. Marco’s lover addresses him as “Hades” and calls herself “P”. If you don’t have an idea right away, refresh your knowledge about the Greek gods on the Internet.

Marco meets his lover regularly in a shady hotel. She books the hotel room for the two of them under the name Persephone. When did they last meet up? If you can’t reconstruct the date, use a calendar to find out on which Friday the two lovers met.

To really use the letter, you still need something that you find in another place.

Marco’s mistress booked for March 12, 2021, under the name Persephone. If you have already found card 50, you now know where to enter this information here.

Use the Bible passages Father Tommaso gave to determine what the Father learned during each person’s confession. All the Bible passages can be researched on the Internet.

Two important pieces of information can be gleaned from the biblical passages:

Antonio Giordano is in love / is having an affair with a married woman.

Giovanni DiStefano acts criminally and lies.

From the casino’s figures, you can deduce that that money is being stolen from the casino. Since Giovanni has taken over the business for Luca Russo, it can be assumed that Giovanni is stealing money for his own enrichment.

In addition, this envelope gives you Giovanni’s cell phone number.

You can reconstruct what happened here by looking at this picture. It shows where Marco Russo was fatally wounded. To see who fired the fatal shots at Marco Russo, it is helpful to Google information on the ammunition that is written on the note, point 3.

Marco Russo fired at the police (which you can see if you Google the information given on the attached note, point 2), but the other person also fired shots. That person was probably hit and injured. Who was that person and where is the person now?

Marco was shooting at the police and was killed by a shot from a sniper rifle, which can be seen from the bullet holes (marker 3). But the second person was also injured. However, this person was rescued and brought to a hospital (note the tire tracks and bandages). This person also fired shots. So it is an accomplice of Marco. This person is not responsible for his death, but the police are. On Card 10, the godfather told you that Marco met with a business partner. You should visit him. You can trust him when you meet him.

The texts confirm that the secret meeting was planned for March 12th because Marco sent Salvatore the confirmation directly on this day.

You can also see when Salvatore learned about the change of date and whether his statements are true.

The fact that Salvatore texts Marco again, even though he is already dead, suggests that Salvatore knows nothing about Marco’s death. If he were working with the police, he would certainly know more information. So Salvatore probably did not betray Marco.

Giorgina has this newspaper article hanging in her locker. Why is it so important to her?

Isabella Messina disappeared in 2000 together with her daughter Giorgina, who was born on April 7, 1999. Isabella’s mother, Maria Lombardo, blamed her daughter’s husband Salvatore Messina for the disappearance.

Do these names and/or faces sound familiar?

Giorgina Lombardo has realized that she is the daughter “Giorgina Messina” who disappeared. The New York Daily article has motivated her to make inquiries about her mother Isabella and her father Salvatore.

The shift schedule is for the 10 /11 calendar week. So it starts on March 10, 2021, and ends on March 16, 2021.

Both the restaurant meeting and the fatal meeting took place this week. If you still don’t know when those meetings occurred, look at Envelope 12 again. Marco’s apartment will also take you to Cucina Autentica.

You can also get Tony’s phone number from this Envelope.

On March 12th, Gina was off work because she had a date with Marco Russo at the Golden Rooster Hotel (see Envelope 4 and card 50). On the day of the fatal meeting (March 15th) she was working. So was Ariana. What times did they both work?

If you believe the statements gathered at the strip club, you can assume that Ariana was harassed by her father at the beginning of her shift. She worked that day from 8:45 PM to 9:45 PM. So she has an alibi at the time of the blackout. The same goes for her father, who was busy yelling at his daughter.

The work schedule shows that Tony could not find a bartender for the day of the fatal meeting. So his statements are to be believed. The fact that he took the day off when Gina and Marco were supposed to meet to spend it with Vittoria makes it clear that he and Vittoria knew about Marco’s affair.

You can see from the Envelope that the call to the police came from a phone booth near the strip club. Have you spotted the public phone booth? (Card 56)

The call arrived at the police around 10 PM. If you match all the cell phone numbers to people, you can see who was at the strip club at 10 PM and who could have made the call.

The perpetrator must have been in the strip club at 9 PM and 10 PM to turn off the surveillance cameras and call the police from the phone booth. The cell phone numbers of everyone in the vicinity of the phone booth were located. Here’s how you can find out people’s cell phone numbers:



Other Clues

Giorgina Lombardo




Luca Russo

Mailbox – Call




Salvatore Messina


Giovanni DiStefano



Father Tommaso


Ariana Caruso


Tony Giordano


Roberto Caruso


Marco Russo

8; 14

Can you figure out who wrote which text message? If so, you can better understand the events that took place on March 15th.

The three chats are chats between

  1. Vittoria Russo and Tony Giordano
  2. Marco Russo and Salvatore Messina
  3. Ariana and Roberto Caruso

You can now reference all of these cell phone numbers in Envelope 11.

From the text chats, you can see that Vittoria Russo has an alibi for the time of the crime. The same is true for Ariana. She was sitting in the dressing room of the strip club at 10 PM out of fear of her father and could not have called the police. Salvatore Messina wasn´t near the strip club at 10 PM either. He was already on the way to the meet with Marco.

Do any names from the reservation book look familiar yet?

Marco has reserved two tables on March 12, 2021. On Envelope 3, you can see who sat with him.

Marco and Luca Russo met with Giovanni DiStefano to discuss important details about the meeting with Salvatore Messina. Envelope 8 proves this. But Marco had other appointments that day…with his mistress Giorgina Lombardo, who reserved the table right next to the mafia group.

Moreover, you must assume that Roberto Caruso was also present at Cucina Autentica that day. After all, it is his restaurant and he even remembers the reservation.

All these people could have known about the secret meeting with Salvatore Messina.

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