Hints and Help

Don’t worry if you reach a point where you aren’t sure what to do next.

Take a closer look at the images on the fronts of the cards and envelopes you have revealed. They will help you solve the puzzles, make important decisions, and uncover new locations.

Then check whether you have found a complete phone number with a phone symbol next to it. You should “call” this number using the website.

If that hasn’t helped, you can find some additional help below for each of the envelopes and cards.
Simply click on the tab for the card or envelope you would like some help with. For the cards, there are two hints and then a solution.

Further down this page, you can also find some help with the central questions of the game. This is particularly about reconstructing the crime and the alibis of the suspects.

Haven't discovered or read all the locations yet?

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You have to lure the guard away. To do this you need personal information about her. You can find it in Envelope 9, which you get in the visitor room at Location J. You can lure them away at Location H – Library. Card 40/41/42 will give you a helpful website. If you need further tips, look at the respective cards/envelopes.

You need a wrench. You can get this in the Commissary (Location L) when you make a trade on Card 56/57/58. To do this, you have to solve the puzzle on Envelope 10. Before you can trade, you need Card 63 to barter. You can get this at Location G (Rec Room) on Card 36/37/38. If you need further tips, look at the respective cards/envelopes.


The director has already told you about prison staff, so another topic would make sense.

What do you really need information about? Remember your mission objective.

Look again at the illustration on the front.

The bed that no longer appears to be occupied may have been Liam O’Reilly’s.

The guy really doesn’t seem like someone to mess with.

In Envelope 2, you were able to learn a lot about the prison director’s budget. Maybe it’s worth digging deeper into this?

The illustration of the infirmary will help you as much as Envelope 7.

Can you recognize images and numbers in the inkblots?

The code is: 380

Before making the decision, it seems like a good idea to find out who’s on each team. Take a closer look at the illustration.

The members of the “Brooklyn 17” are on the red team.

You’re supposed to be “incognito.” A loud statement is not particularly inconspicuous.

What do you already know about Samuel? You know one thing that he really loves. Even if it’s not important to you, it would make sense to pass it off as something you have in common.

Look again at the illustration of your cell. The posters on Samuel’s bedside give you insight into what is important to him.

The sentences you can read on the screensaver are well-known quotes from great writers. You can also find the works of these writers in the library.

If you google the quotes, you’ll find that the sentence always ends immediately before a number. You need the three numbers that complete the quotes. Then all you have to do is assign the quotes to the writers and arrange them according to the library illustration.

The solution is: 100413

You can order a wrench at the kiosk once you have solved the puzzle there.

Arrange Cards 45-47 on Envelpe 3.

Then find the best path through the labyrinth of sewers. You will start at the laundry.

The only logical route takes you to the ventilation room.

The solution is:


Are you brave or cautious? Just answer the question however you feel.

The “Library” location can help you lure Susan Warren away.

You will receive a link to a website in the library. There, you can write a message to Susan Warren guaranteeing that she leaves her post. To write this message you need information that you can get in the visitor room (Envelope 9).

Write a note to Susan Warren as her husband’s doctor (William James) that mentions her husband, the hospital, or the coma, and she will immediately leave the guard room.

Pushing the issue doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Do you already know who the person standing in front of you is? If not, take a closer look at his illustration (Card 65).

You can get Card 63 in the lounge.

To know what to order, you must have already been to the laundry. You should also look at Envelope 10 and the website www.sweetsandbars.commore closely.

You urgently need a wrench. So the best thing to do is order a hot dog.

You know this bracelet belongs to Liam O`Reilly. In the future, you can assign all medical records to him because you have his medical number.

You will probably meet the person the message was intended for at the commissary.

Look closely at the illustration of the person at the commissary. What does “sign” mean?

Where could this ventilation shaft lead? And why might there be peanuts in it?

The ventilation shaft pumps cold air into the visitor room. The air conditioning there is set to high.

Someone must have gotten in here. Then this person scattered the peanuts in the ventilation shaft and turned the air conditioning on full strength. Therefore, there is probably a very high concentration of peanut particles in the air – a life-threatening situation for allergy sufferers.

You can get the cigarettes in the lounge. You will need them later as a barter item.

You can find out what this inmate’s name is by accessing the files in the guard room.

This inmate’s name is Simon Clark.

You can find out what this inmate’s name is by accessing the files in the guard room.

This inmate’s name is Samuel Young.

You can find out what this inmate’s name is by accessing the files in the guard room.

This inmate’s name is Santiago Hernandez.

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This is your briefing with information about your character and the mission. It will help you in the rest of the game.

The most important information is:

  1. The “Brooklyn Seventeen” wear red bandanas
  2. You are allowed to use force
  3. Liam O’Reilly died without any apparent violence

Nicole Roberts is probably cutting corners on food for the prisoners. She also receives strange payments and spends money on luxury items.

Nicole Roberts is paid by a massage parlor run by K. Davis. K. Davis is also the name of the leader of the Brooklyn 17 in prison.

Nicole Roberts had an appointment with the mayor from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. On the prison’s homepage, you can see that this appointment was on the day of O’Reilly’s death and that she attended it.

This envelope can be combined with Envelope 13 and with Cards 45-47. Once you have drawn the envelope and/or cards, you can use this to gain further insights.

Together with Envelope 13 and the prisoner files on Susan Warren’s computer, you can figure out who couldn’t have prepared the crime.

Keiko Davis is housed in Cell Block A. He was under lockdown during the period in which he should have prepared the crime. So it couldn’t have been him. Simon Clark, who was in guarded solitary confinement, could not have prepared the crime either. Neither had access to the sewage system through the laundry nor to the visitor room itself.

Santiago mentions that Liam O’Reilly collapsed after eating. If you know when this happened, you might be able to see why.

You can combine this envelope with Envelope 12 and Card 60.

Liam O’Reilly is severely allergic to peanuts. All inmates who who ate lunch in the cafeteria on March 1st know about this allergy.

You now know a little bit about Santiago. For example, that he’s a Knicks fan. Maybe this will help you.

The muscular inmate isn’t a stupid meat head at all. Before he fell in with the gang, he even aspired to an academic career.

Santiago is very smart and has a little brother named Bobby, whom he cares about very much.

Michelle Adams has booked one-way tickets to Norway. But who is the second ticket for?

If you follow the customer number allocation system, it becomes clear that the second ticket is booked for Liam O`Reilly.

Michelle Adams wanted to emigrate with Liam O’Reilly. That’s why she tried to get him out of prison. The two were probably having an affair.

Can you recognize images and numbers in the inkblots?

The infirmary illustration will help you make something meaningful out of these inkblot images.

The code is 380. Enter it as the answer for Card 27.

Michelle Adams had a special interest Liam O`Reilly.

If you’ve been in the guard room, you can see that Liam O’Reilly’s file doesn’t match what Michelle Adams writes about him.

Michelle Adams is in love with Liam O’Reilly, who lied to her in order to be released early. Plus, Michelle Adams was pretty busy on the day of his death. She had appointments that required her to be present in person.

Susan Warren certainly has a massive grudge against Liam O’Reilly and the “Brooklyn Seventeen” after the shooting that left her husband injured.

Susan Warren’s husband, Peter Warren, is still alive but in a coma in the hospital. Susan Warren and his doctor, Dr. William Jones, are in daily contact.

If the doctor contacted Susan Warren to give her news about her husband’s condition, she would certainly drop everything.

You should access the sitewww.sweetsandbars.de Bobby Hernandez runs a smuggling system through the commissary and his website. To understand the system, you need the site and this delivery note.

The red note tells you how to read the descriptions of the products on the homepage in order to recognize what is being smuggled in which product.

To get a wrench, you should order a hot dog.

To whom could this letter have been addressed?

You found the letter in Michelle’s locker. This means she knows Liam has a fiancée. This news may have upset her.

On which patient could this allergy test have been carried out? Card 60 can help you sort this out.

Liam O’Reilly has a severe allergy that could even kill him. But what is O’Reilly allergic to?

Combined with Envelope 4, you can figure out that O’Reilly has a potentially fatal allergy to peanuts.

It makes sense to combine this envelope with Envelope 3 and the inmates’ information from the guard room.

Nicole Roberts publicly notified the inmates at 10 a.m. on the day of O’Reilly’s death that he was coming forward about the gang. Her secret message refers to him as a “rat” and “snitch.” So from that point on, all gang members were aware that O’Reilly would testify. They couldn’t have prepared the murder before 10 a.m.

Simon Clark and Keiko Davis couldn’t have prepared the crime. It also seems unlikely that Nicole Roberts carried out the crime herself. She believed the gang would take care of it, so she had no reason to take action herself.

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Nicole Roberts

Nicole Roberts lets herself be bribed by the Brooklyn 17. The fact that Liam O’Reilly wanted to spill the beans about prison contraband could have cost her her job.

Nicole Roberts announced at 10 a.m. on the morning of the crime that Liam O’Reilly had an appointment in the visitor’s room at 2 p.m. In the schedule (Envelope 13) that she posts, she also tells Brooklyn 17 that Liam is a “rat” and a “snitch”. In doing so, she asked the gang to take action. She has appointments between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. There are pictures of them on the prison’s homepage, so she kept these appointments.

Susan Warren

Susan Warren blames Liam O’Reilly for the shooting that seriously injured her husband. She hates him and fears he might be released from prison early.

Susan Warren was not in the prison at the time the crime had to be prepared.

Dr. Michelle Adams

Michelle is in love with Liam. She found out that he has a secret fiancée. This lie probably hit her hard. After intercepting a letter from Liam’s fiancée, she even withdrew her request for early release.

Michelle Adams had appointments all morning (Envelope 8) and could not have prepared the crime.

Samuel Young

Samuel Young has no motive to kill Liam.

Samuel doesn’t have an alibi.

Santiago Hernandez

Santiago is a member of the Brooklyn 17. Gang law says that a traitor like Liam O’Reilly must die for his betrayal. The fact that Liam wants to testify about the smuggling system that runs through the prison commissary particularly affects Santiago. His little brother Bobby runs this network. Santiago desperately wants to protect his brother. He would do anything for his family.

Santiago has no alibi.

Simon Clarke

Simon really wants to be included in the Brooklyn 17. This gang follows the “blood in, blood out” rule. If Simon killed a traitor, he would be enacting both parts of the rule.

Simon was in solitary confinement until after O’Reilly’s death. He couldn’t have prepared the crime. Besides, he didn’t know anything about the allergy.

Keiko Davis

Keiko is the leader of the Brooklyn 17. Gang law says that a traitor like Liam O’Reilly must die for his betrayal. Keiko has a huge interest in Liam’s death.

Keiko’s cell block was in lockdown on the day of the crime. He couldn’t have prepared the crime.

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