Hints and Help

Don’t worry if you reach a point where you aren’t sure what to do next.

Take a closer look at the images on the fronts of the cards and envelopes you have revealed. They will help you solve the puzzles, make important decisions, and uncover new locations.

Then check whether you have found a complete phone number with a phone symbol next to it. You should “call” this number using the website.

If that hasn’t helped, you can find some additional help below for each of the envelopes and cards.
Simply click on the tab for the card or envelope you would like some help with. For the cards, there are two hints and then a solution.

Further down on this page, you can also find general hints concerning important aspects of the game, such as choosing the members of your crew and making key decisions about the heist.

If you haven't uncovered all the locations yet, but you've gotten stuck:

Click here to find out how you can get to the other locations.

If you've revealed all the cards but there are still cards in the Draw Stack, and you don't know when you should have drawn or discarded them:

Click here for information about what to do with any remaining cards.

Card When is the card discarded? When is the card drawn? How is the card drawn/discarded?
Card 35 Choices at https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/ Never Solution for Envelope 8 and Card 12
Card 36 Correct crew choice Error during crew choice https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 37 / In the Heist Stack Solution for Envelope 8 and Card 12
Card 38 Boat or car selected for getaway Helicopter is selected for getaway https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 39 Helicopter or car is selected for getaway Boat is selected for getaway https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 40 Helicopter or boat is selected for getaway Car is selected for getaway https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 41 If either Python or Rubixx is selected If Python and Rubixx are not selected https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist//
Card 42 If Python was not selected If Python was selected https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 43 If Rubixx is not selected Rubixx is selected https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 44 / Always in Heist Stack Solution for Envelope 9 and Card 24
Card 45 Escape through office is selected Escape through main entrance is selected https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 46 Escape through main entrance is selected Escape through the office is selected https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 47 If either Black Swan or Smoking Gun is there If Black Swan and Smoking Gun are not there https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 48 If Smoking Gun and Black Swan are not there If either Black Swan or Smoking Gun is there https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist//
Card 49 If Roman Place Setting is stolen If Golden Hour is stolen https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 50 If Golden Hour is stolen If Roman Place Setting is stolen https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 51 If Smoking Gun is not selected If Smoking Gun is selected https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 52 If Black Swan is not selected If Black Swan is is selected https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 53 / Always in Heist Stack Entering code from Envelope 11
Card 54 If The Eagle is not selected If The Eagle is selected https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 54 If Kiki Bang Bang is not selected If Kiki Bang Bang is selected https://masters-of-crime.com/shadows-planning-the-heist/
Card 56 / Always in Heist Stack Card 10
Card 57 Gustav is not fired Decision to fire Gustav< Location K
Card 58 Gustav is not drugged Decision to drug Gustav Location K
Card 59 Gustav is not bribed Decision to bribe Gustav Location K
Card 60 Always in Heist Stack SpyTech website
Card61 Always in Heist Stack Once video interview and test for the souvenir store is done at https://bachmann-galerij.nl/en/video-interview/

Read through the card again carefully. Do you think your client is likely to want to reveal his identity?

Your client is using voice distortion. It’s clear that he wants to remain anonymous. So it’s better to ask about the paintings.

If you need help with this puzzle: Take a look at the hints for Envelope 12.

If you still have cards in the Draw Stack, you probably have not yet called SpyTech (Envelope 3) and/or applied for a job in the museum’s souvenir store (https://bachmann-galerij.nl/). You need to do both of these things before you can start the heist.

This is your equipment. You’ve got everything you need to rappel down a building. There’s also an angle grinder, a bolt cutter, a pair of gloves, a flashlight, and a guard’s uniform. There’s no way you’ll get through the metal detectors with this bag. You’ll need to come up with another idea to get the equipment into the museum.

Can you figure out who is sitting on the counter in front of you?

From Envelope 1, you can figure out that the woman sitting on the counter looks like the criminal Black Swan, who used to be a ballerina. If you ask the woman in the City Archives about her previous jobs, you might be able to find out whether she really is Black Swan.

Take a closer look at the car in the image. Maybe you can guess who is standing in front of you. Envelope 1 will also help.

Great! You’ve managed to check out the entrance. It’s clear that your thief will not be able to get into the museum once it closes. That means you’ll have to get your thief inside during opening hours and then they’ll have to hide somewhere. You also somehow need to get the equipment into the museum.

Pay attention to the camera number in the image so you can plan and pull off your heist effectively. If you already have Envelopes 3 and 6, this number will be particularly helpful.

Pay attention to the camera number in the image so you can plan and pull off your heist effectively.

For hints/help with this puzzle, see the hints for Envelope 9.

Follow your instincs here. Do you want to take a risk or play it safe? But don’t worry: You’ll still be able to play through the game, whichever you decide.

It would be a good idea to lure the director out of his office by writing him an email. Take a look at the images on Card 25 (and Card 68, if you have received it) to get an idea about what the email should say and who the sender could be.

It makes sense to know the shortcomings of your potential crew members. The fact that the artist, who is obviously a “smoking gun,” smokes excessively could be a problem.

You should look up Quantico, Virginia and consider why this young man might be getting a call from there.

The young man (also known as Rubixx) has obviously been in prison and was released early. This information, and the fact that the call was probably from the FBI, should make you wary of including him. This young man has probably switched sides. Choosing the woman is clearly the safer choice.

Think about which option will draw the least attention and which has the highest chance of success.

When you build your team later on, make sure that you include someone who will help you pull off your plan successfully.

Have you fully played through all the locations? Have you made all your decisions and discarded all the cards that need discarding? You should have read through all the cards (except Card 12) that are in the locations at least once. If you’ve done all that, you can now make your decisions about the heist and follow the link.

Think about which route would draw the least attention. Pay attention to the CCTV cameras.

If you aren’t sure whether you can escape through the window: Everything you need for rappelling is in your kit bag.

You need to solve the puzzle in Envelope 12 first before you move on to the next card. If you need some help, check the hints for Envelope 12.

You now know what Gustav Verhey looks like. It’s a good idea to make sure that the guard who replaces Gustav actually looks like him to avoid anyone noticing the swap.

This man is Kiki Bang Bang, otherwise known as Bob, who you met at The Dancing Diva.

He’s a perfect body double for Gustav Verhey.

This woman is known as Smoking Gun, and you met her in the circus.

She is a gifted acrobat with several skills that you could put to good use. Unfortunately, she chain smokes. She can’t even go 10 minutes without a cigarette. Will that work with your plan for her to spend a few hours hiding in the ventilation duct?

This is Rubixx. You met him in the tech store, Shadytronics.

Rubixx is probably working with the FBI. So he is not trustworthy enough to hire for a planned crime. Maybe hide in the ventilation duct?

You met Python in the tech store, Shadytronics.

She has a lot of good skills that you could definitely use. Her face tattoo won’t be an issue for the work you’d like her to do. There aren’t any other issues with choosing her.

This is Black Swan.

She is a gifted contortionist with several skills that you could put to good use. She would easily be able to fit inside a ventilation duct.

This is the race car driver called “The Eagle.”

His necklace tells you something about the love of his life.

The Eagle is in a relationship with the museum director, Ruben van der Bjerg. So it would be a bad idea to hire him for that reason alone. You also don’t need a race car driver, nor a quick-change artist, who looks so little like Gustav Verhey.

The information on Envelope 7 about the paintings is really quite interesting. If you aren’t sure when the Empire State Building was built, you can find out by using Google.

Perhaps you find it strange that an artist could have painted a building before it was even built. Plus they used a yellow pigment that wasn’t in use until the 1980s.

It looks like this painting is a fake. But your client wants an original. So you should not choose to steal this one.

There seems to be nothing wrong with this picture. It is particularly interesting that the artist comes from Flanders. If you have not yet applied for a job at the souvenir store, this information will help you.

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This list will help you decide who you want to hire once you have worked your way through the first part of the game. You must choose three individuals to join your team.

You have a maximum of €100,000 to spend. You can only hire people you meet in the game. Make sure your team can cover all the skills you are going to need.

If you aren’t sure who to hire, you can find information about each person in the hints on the corresponding cards.

If you have already visited the museum and know where to find the paintings, use this envelope to plan your route through the museum. Make sure you take a look at the cameras, metal detectors, and ventilation shafts.

There are two different types of cameras installed in this building. Envelope 10 will give you a better understanding of how the cameras work.

Your thief will not be able to walk through the permanent exhibition after 10 PM without being recorded by a camera. They also will not be able to smuggle the equipment into the building themselves. You’ll need to have one of your crew working in the museum to do this.

All the articles and ads in the newspaper give you information that will prove important for your heist.

You should also visit the “Circus” location, and SpyTech’s website.

Amato Perez’s visit to Amsterdam could cause some issues. The streets will be blocked and Amsterdam’s airspace will be restricted, so you only have one other option for getting out of the city.

Claire Mendoza and Anthony Walker can also be ruled out as options for your crew.

If you don’t get anywhere with SpyTech, you should try again after you have visited the museum and received Envelope 6. You can get more help in Hint 3 for Envelope 6.

You will need to find out which guard works the night shift on Thursday, July 28, 2022. That’s the guard you’ll need to replace. To find out who it is, you’ll need to complete the shift schedule.

Only Maria Ryder, Gustav Verhey, and Marnix Burckhard can work the night shift.

Marnix is needed for the night shift on Wednesday and the late shift on Friday.

Only Maria can do Sunday (Marnix has already been assigned both his shifts). She will need to work then. Only Gustav can do Friday. He will need to work then. Now you need to check which late shifts Lieven Ryder will be working: Maria can’t work on those days.

Gustav Verhey will need to work the night shift on July, 28 2022.

It looks like the Director is having an affair. Can you figure out who he is having an affair with, using the calender and the images on Cards 68 and 25.

There’s another date that is also very interesting.

Ruben van der Bjerg is secretly sleeping with The Eagle. This means you shouldn’t add him to your team.

The appointment with SpyTech is useful information.

If you have already found Envelope 3, you can ring SpyTech and cancel the appointment. You’ll want to do this, so you can pretend to be a SpyTech employee and then switch off the cameras. The color of the cameras is also important. You will want to switch off the orange cameras. You can find the device number in the image on Card 24.

You should Google everything that is in bold font and has a globe symbol.

Think about the information you have about Golden Hour.

Perhaps you find it strange that an artist could have painted a building before it was even built. Plus they used a yellow pigment that wasn’t in use until the 1970s.

It looks like this painting is a fake. Since your client wants an original, you should not choose this one to steal.

Use Google Maps to solve this puzzle.

Once you’ve looked up each location (by name or coordinate), work out where they would all intersect if laid out as shown in the envelope.

The text above the drawing indicates that there is a lighthouse at the handover location.

The handover location is:

Paard van Marken,

the lighthouse on the island of Marken.

Google all the information you have about the paintings. Can you find the paintings?

You know when the paintings were painted and by whom, and you know what they look like. You’re just missing the title. You should look that up.

The code is:


All the paintings have numbers in their titles.

This document will give you some important information:

  1. You’ll need to get someone to stand in for Gustav and do his patrol. It should be someone who looks like him.
  2. The green cameras are only active after 10 PM. After that, your thief won’t be able to walk through the permanent exhibition.
  3. Whoever is working in the museum’s souvenir store must have left the museum by 10:10 PM. This means they will not be able to steal the painting.

You’ll need to make sure that each small square is covered. If your routes do not cover all the squares, your solution is incorrect.

When the routes are correctly laid out, the black, yellow and turquoise routes will form three numbers.

If you are struggling to work out where to place the routes, the image below will show you where some of the routes go.

The solution is: 251

Two generators will be needed to produce the required input. You’ll need to connect generators A and C to create a combined input of 155 volts. Generating this input is a good place to start for this puzzle: The final digit is a 5, an odd number. Can you get this result by looking at the multipliers on the generators?

You already know that you need to cut the red cable. This will divide the power from the generator between two connections of 150 volts each. If you multiply this by 1, you will already have 150 of the 155 volts required. That is very likely to be too high. Disconnect this connection and multiply by 0.5. This will give you 75 volts, which means you have a 5 as the last digit.

If you need more help, the image below shows a diagram in which 2 of the 3 connections have been disconnected. You just need to remove the third.

The solution is:

Yellow: D
Blue: A
Red: B

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