Saving your game

If you’d like to take a break at any point, you can stop playing and save your game. We recommend taking a break after 2hours. If you prefer, you can, of course, play through the game without taking a break. To save your game, put the cards together in stacks as described below and keep them together with a rubber band.

In Stack 1, stack all the cards you have already discarded. You won’t need these cards again.

In Stack 2, stack all the locations that are currently active and for which you have not yet made a decision. Use the note paper to make a note of which locations are currently active.

In Stack 3, stack all the cards that you have already drawn and read through. You can look through this stack again when you restart the game to refresh your memory.

Stack 4 is the Heist Stack. Leave it exactly as it was on the Heist Board.

Put all the opened Envelopes back in the box. By sorting the stacks and making notes on the Heist Board in this way, you will be able to get right back into the action when you resume your game.

Overview of saving and resuming your game:

Stack 1 – > All discarded cards
Stack 2 -> Draw Stack and currently active locations (note the locations on the Heist Board)
Stack 3-> All cards previously drawn and read
Stack 4 -> Heist Stack

Return all the other components to the box.

Resuming your game:
1. All Stack 1 cards:   Leave in the box.
2. Do not look at  Stack 2. Place it on the draw stack.
3. Draw all the locations from Stack 2   that you have noted down on the Heist Board.
4. Stack 3 and all opened Envelopes : Look at them to refresh your memory.
5. Do not look at Stack 4. Leave it exactly as it is and simply place it back on the Heist Stack spot on the Heist Board.

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