Can you pull off the heist of the century?

An assignment awaits you in Amsterdam. You must break into the famous Bachmann Gallery and steal a mysterious painting. Before you can do this, you must scour Amsterdam’s underworld for a team capable of carrying out such an operation.  

You will also scout out the gallery, inspect building plans, hack security systems, and plan your theft. Can you pull off the million-dollar heist of the century?

What makes Shadows so fun to play?

Shadows is an immersive story-based crime game. To pull of this daring heist, a group of 1 to 6 players works together to make decisions, tackle puzzles, and gather crucial evidence.

Shadows offers the ultimate challenge for hobby game and Escape Room fans. Immerse yourself in the thrilling action of a high-stakes heist from the comfort of your home. To succeed in the game, you’ll rely not just on the clues and documents provided in the game but also harness the power of the internet. Google Maps, email, and authentically designed websites are all integral parts of the game.

Every decision you make affects how the story develops.

Need some help perfecting your plan?

Does it feel like you don’t know who to trust? Are you missing key information to pull off a flawless heist? Click here to get help.

Want to enter a password?

Have you solved a puzzle, discovered a code or want to check a password?

Do you want to play Shadows again?

No problem! Use this guide to easily make the game playable again.

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