Save Game

The game can be paused and saved at any time to take a break. We recommend a break after a playing for of about 120 minutes. If you wish, you can of course play through the game without interruption. To save the game, place the cards in piles as follows and tie them together with a rubber band.

In pile 1 go all the cards that have already been discarded. You don’t need these cards anymore.

In pile 2 is the draw pile with all the places you have not yet made a decision on. Make a note on the enclosed notepad which locations are currently still out.

Pile 3 contains all the cards that have already been read and drawn. You can look at this pile again when you load the game to refresh your memories.

All already opened documents you simply put back into the box. With this sorting and the notes on the detective board, you can jump back into the investigation at any time.

Save and load game in short form:

Stack 1 – > All discarded cards.
Stack 2-> Draw pile and face up locations (note locations on Detective Board)
Pile 3-> All cards already drawn and read.

Put all other materials back in the box.


1.You can leave all cards from pile 1 in the box.
2. do not look at pile 2 and put it out as a draw pile
3. draw all the locations from pile 2 that you have noted on the Detective Board
4. you can look at pile 3 and all opened objects to refresh your memory.

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Masters of Crime is an innovative crime board game in which you determine the course of the story yourself.


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