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I can provide the following information:
The police went on a mission yesterday after receiving a call from a phone booth at 10:00 PM.
The phone booth belongs to a known Mafia hangout, the strip club “Boogie Bungalow” (Draw site K, cards 56-60).
I can’t track down who made the call. Cell phone numbers and calls made from cell phones are always traceable. But this caller was smart- phone booths are anonymous. I can only tell where the phone booth is located, not who used it. As long as the person was not recorded by a surveillance camera while calling, we have no clue…
I located the phone booth and, using the latest technology – utterly unknown to the police – found all the cell phone numbers logged near the phone booth on the evening of the call. These people were in the vicinity of the phone booth on the evening of the call (See Envelope 11).
I was also able to record all relevant messages that came in and out that evening. (See Envelope 12).
I don’t have time to find out who these numbers belong to. That’s your job.
I can’t provide any more information than that. Do not respond to this email. Everything can be tracked.

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