The mystery game for you and up to 5 friends!

As a close confidant of the Godfather, you have been summoned to his office. A dark shadow lies over your boss, who voices a terrible suspicion: There is a traitor in the ranks of the family!

It’s up to you to investigate the “loyal” family members, examine documents and question witnesses. Every decision you make will influence how the story unfolds. Can you identify the traitor and restore peace to your family?

What makes Vendetta so fun to play?

Vendetta is a story-based, immersive mystery game. In pursuit of unraveling this thrilling criminal case, a group of 1 to 5 players works together to make decisions, tackle puzzles, and gather crucial evidence.

Vendetta offers the ultimate challenge for hobby game and Escape Room fans. Immerse yourself in an authentic crime story and genuine detective work, all from the comfort of your home.

To succeed in the game, you’ll rely not just on the clues and documents provided in the game but also harness the power of the internet. Google Maps, email, and authentically designed websites are all integral parts of the game. Experience an immersive journey in the heart of New York City and delve into the intricate workings of organized crime.

Need a little help cracking the case?

Does it feel like your progress has stalled? Are still missing that elusive clue that will help you identify the perpetrator? Click here to get help.

Want to enter a password?

Have you solved a puzzle, discovered a code, or want to check a password?

Do you think you've solved the case?

Have you worked through all the evidence, determined the motives, and solved all the mysteries? You can find the solution to the case here!

Do you want to play Vendetta again?

No problem! Use this guide to easily make the game playable again.

Vendetta is the new story-based, immersive crime gaming experience!

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